Paris handmade Pearl and Crystal Earrings on Silver

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Do Tell the Bride 27th September Holiday Inn, Winchester

Brides of Winchester are showcasing their beautiful gowns and other UK designers at Holiday Inn, Winchester 27th September 7pm onwards.  Exhibitors include Chanticleer Bridal, although Tracey herself will not be present this time, Moss Bros Suit Hire, Melody Clark Couture Jewellery, Polly Edwards and others.

Tickets are free, if you can be there, it promises to be the best 'Do Tell The Bride' yet.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New blog

If any of you have not already seen this lovely blog then I heartily recommend it to you.  Aprile is a lovely lady with some wonderful products in her Etsy shop  wonderful crocheted items for your delection.

my particular favourite is this lovely bag, perfect for summer days or going to the beach

good luck to Aprile and may sales continue.

best wishes

Sunday, 13 May 2012

How to wear a bridal hair comb

Many ladies, when faced with a hair comb, will say 'it's beautiful, but they never stay in my hair,' this is very when placing a fairly heavy comb into soft, straight, silky hair; it won't stay in and before long the comb has slipped or fallen out and in danger of being lost or crumpled underfoot.   So what is the secret?

There really isn't any secret per se, these combs are not designed to sit in and hold straight hair.  These beautiful pieces are decorative for the most part, although they will add some further security to the hair.  They work best if the hair is in a bun or chignon, hair that has been backcombed to create something for the comb to grip onto.  Plenty of hairspray will create grip, but be careful don't apply the hairspray to the pearls or crystals of your comb as it will make them dull.  Placing the comb carefully in a 'nest' of hair will reduce the pull of gravity and keep it in place.  Most people say that 'dirty' hair is best as it provides more grip, but we all know that we cannot possibly walk down the aisle with day old hair, so add that hairspray, or even a mousse to hold it in place.  Combs such as 'Victoria' featured here are heavy, but work well with a veil.  Place the comb at the front of the veil on the top of the head for a simple, yet stylish look. 

Why not ask for 'Victoria' with a birdcage veil addition, which can be placed anywhere on the hairline.  This comb can also be made on a longer comb base (the one shown is 2.5 inches in width) if you prefer a larger version in front of your veil.

Whichever you choose, you will be assured of a sophisticated style with a hint of vintage and class, just remember that it won't sit properly on straight, silky hair.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Melody Clark

Well the plans for Melody Clark Couture are going well if a little slower than I would like.  the Pull-Up thingy is brilliant and well worth the money, can't wait to use it again at the next fair.  Funny how something like that adds that touch of professionalism to the stand. 

Also strange how in the Hart Centre I was on a 'stall' but at a wedding fair I'm on a 'stand'.  there's no difference at all, even the layout is similar! 

Keep watching for more news of Melody Clark.  the website is setup, and I'm still photographing and adding items to that, so a way to go, but when you're doing all yourself it takes time.   In the meantime, there are other items loaded onto my Etsy shop.

have fun and keep watching, new items coming on board... ooh here's one.  Let me know what you think.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

The 'Dior' type necklace

Well, this is a picture of the 'hardest necklace I've ever been asked to do'.  as you can see it's really quite complicated.  The upshot of the request however, is ........ nothing!  not a thing, I've no idea if she's received it, likes it or anything else.  I'm loath to ask in a way in case she says she hates it, but I guess if she did she may well have come back and said so, I'd like to think so. 

The collar of the necklace is on a wire frame which has been hammered to strengthen the shape, at the back there are several chains which allow the necklace to be done up as tightly as possible to retain it's shape.  Each chain is finished with a sparkly Swarovski crystal and there are intermittent crystals on the chains at the front.  If any of you havea  moment I'd be delighted to receive your comments and thoughts.  Of course, I can't post more pics because... it's gone.  somewhere, who knows?  if you see someone near London wearing something like this one, then it could be the one that gave me so much grief, all for £45!  hey ho.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The hardest necklace I've ever had to do!

I was asked recently to make this unusual necklace.  I've not seen one like it before and she was having difficulty finding one.  It's like a huge choker which resembles the necklace hoops worn by African ladies, the Masai Mara?  I don't know anyway, flowing from the choker bit are strands of beads which fall right down to the navel.  it's huge!  I have added in some crystals to give it some sparkle, but for the most part it is made of acrylic gold beads.  Even so it's still amazingly heavy, I don't envy this lady wearing it at all to be honest.  I just hope it does the job for her. 

The upshot is, however, that she wants me to be featured in a magazine, I've no idea which one, but it could very good exposure, so we'll see.  I'll keep you posted and let you know which one.

stay safe


Thursday, 5 January 2012

It's been a while

Once again it's been a while since I posted on here, so apologies to anyone who was waiting for something innovative and exciting to exude from the depths of the PPD studios (I should be so lucky).

Last year, especially towards the end, was very hard with many difficult decisions being made and difficult situations being faced.  Not least of which was what to do with Purple Princess Designs.  Do I change the name?  Do I change the product and leave the name?  in fact even, do I carry on?   The answer is that yes for this business I will carry on, the name will change and I am pleased to announce the birth of Melody Clark Couture, handmade bespoke tiaras and jewellery.  My new website has been secured, and will be set up and running very soon.  I am looking at ... obviously by the name, couture design with an exclusive and upmarket feel to it.  PPD will still exist, but will continue with the cheaper end of the market including the mini crown series on Ebay.  I hope to collaborate with a partner on the mini crown side later this year, in the meantime things are on track for Melody Clark, website being designed, logos being finalised along with new designs.

Here's to, what I hope will be a great future for Melody Clark (who is she?..... me of course!)  and I look forward to blogging again to update you all on progress.

best wishes and Happy New Year to you all.