Paris handmade Pearl and Crystal Earrings on Silver

Monday, 31 May 2010

Stretchy Bracelets right on trend

Stretchy bracelets, new to the fold, but bang on trend.  The ones I particularly like are the plain ones, stretchy 'lastic, silver colour, but one or two crystal charms hanging off one side.  Elegant, simple and yet so stylish.  Understated chic.


Thursday, 27 May 2010


taking inspiration from the summer in general.  Pieces that one can wear on the beach in great colours to reflect the sun, the sand and ermm... scenery.   Some chunky, some just easy to wear lucite, colourful beads.  All of them reasonably priced. 

other inspirations are coming from the festivals, wire hoops, magic spirals and so on, combined with micro macrame necklaces and stones or wooden beads.  Not so much sparkle in some, not everyone likes sparkle, but certainly different and lovely.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Finesse bracelet:  Simple, yet elegant and gorgeous!

Summer! at last and fine time to wear the jewellery

Hey looking good today in the blue, with the blue Bonnie, and the hair clips sparkling in the sun. Yayy

now the students are diminishing in their numbers it's time to focus on summer sales, but also time to focus on the novel. Aiming to get that completed and ready for sending to agents for the end of August. Visiting Holyroodhouse in June to fill in some gaps, otherwise... the sale dates for Purple Princess are 19th June, 3rd July and 17th July.

new ideas coming on all the time. currently looking at combining history and jewellery, and replication some of Anne Boleyn's tiaras and headdresses.

Monday, 24 May 2010

New products on

Yes at last some of the new products have been uploaded to the website. Hopefully this will produce some new traffic and some new business as well :) xx

Volcanic Ash, a Dirty T1MMY and successful lessons

A three in one blogspot today. Yes the volcanic ash, mixed with all this pollen is really having a detrimental effect on everything. T1M, the purple sports car, is no longer purple but a shade of mustard twinged with purple! I clean it off, half an hour later he is covered again. sigh.

the pollen/ash is also causing me to have hayfever for the first time ever, and is also covering my beads and jewellery in a fine layer of dust.

now for the lessons! the course was fabulous on Saturday, not all the ladies attempted a Briony, but those who did came up with a completely different look to the original. Chris was pleased with her freshwater pearl necklace in petrol blue. Caroline designed earrings with white freshwater pearls and crystal rondelles. Cindy amazed everyone with her advanced wire work, wrapping loops around other wrapped loops! not sure I'd have attempted that when I was first starting! well done cindy. Thanks to everyone for coming along, even though the lunch did remain in the fridge! crumbs, even the Soave remained in the fridge, what's happening girls?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Introduction to Jewellery making

Really excited about the new course, starting this week. After the success of the tiara making courses, I'm hoping this one will have the same impact. if it works, and I see no reason why not, then I will introduce the tiara making workshops as well.

classes at the Bead Base are on hold for the present time until we know how Sue is. Hope everything is good Sue, thinking of you.

join us on Facebook as a member of the Facebook group and receive 10% discount.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Good Selling my friends!

A good day today, yes it was a gloomy Sunday in Hampshire, but my bride arrived, and was so pleased with her bracelet (Tilly with freshwater pearls, that she's ordered two more. She also ordered a pair of matching earrings for herself.

One happy bride there, and a happy owner of Purple Princess Designs! One more person to spread the word.

Just need to get the wholesale sorted, and I think we could be onto a real winner after all.

by the way, keep an eye out for the latest piece of gorgeousness. The Elegance, pronounced in the french way, necklace is just stunning. Teamed with Shelby Earrings, this combination can only be a real show stopper.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hart Centre, Fleet - Market Stall

Another successful day selling my handmade jewellery at the Hart Centre. The diversity of taste will never cease to amaze me. Interesting that a young lady persuaded her mother to buy her the Rainbow Moonstone set, with pearls in Sterling Silver. the Tutti Frutti bracelet that I made out of various leftover beads and stones attracted so much attention. The colours were so random as well.

I also sold the light rose and clear crystal necklace I'd made as a template for the mother of a groom. only silver plate, but he was so chuffed with his purchase.