Paris handmade Pearl and Crystal Earrings on Silver

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum....

well ok, I've not been to any forums for some centuries, but I was on the stall on Saturday just gone (27/11).  The day was cold, but the lights on my tables cheered the place up and attracted a lot of 'looker's.  No, no not the variety of the hunky masculine kind sadly, but people browsing.  Once again there wasn't much doing in the purchasing department, and, it turns out, I was not alone.  H on the next stall was experiencing similar problems, nobody was purchasing a thing.  Strange given that it's only four weeks before the big day! H was called away to serve and excitedly placed two bracelets into little bags for two young ladies.  They left; we continued our chat.  Sometime later H came back to me 'to add insult to injury' she said, 'those girls brought the bracelets back and asked for their money to be returned as they had no money for the train home,'  Aghast I looked at her, we both sank into an almost hysterical laughter,  well what can you do in the face of adversity but laugh at it. 

I know how she felt, I thought I was going to lose two sales because my chip and pin machine decided to go to sleep and I couldn't rouse it.  Fortunately the customers paid cash, and all was well, but it was a sticky moment all right.  The shame was that the beautiful Crystal wrapped pendant is now on its way to America.  Who knows?  fame at last?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Well, November sees the demise of the stall

However, whilst I am sad at not having my stall again in Fleet, I think that it gives me the impetus to concentrate more on the niche wedding market.  My jewellery always goes down well at wedding fairs, and I receive some lovely compliments. 

as a result, it also means that I will have a bit more time to stick at the writing, and get that pesky book finished so it's not all bad.  Just a bit annoying that the centre can't manage their stalls better and keep prices to a reasonable level.  Methinks t'is their loss though.  :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I'm so excited!

I know, I really should grow up lol.  However, during an 'emergency' dash visit to the Bead Base yesterday, Sue took me to Jane Ann's next door, another bridal outlet.  Jane has kindly agred to see me next week, so new 'mother of the bride/groom designs are in the offing.  Someone suggested yesterday that I design a new set for the mother of the groom for Spring or Summer next year, yes... they were referring to Prince William. Somehow I don't think Mrs Kween (as my Dad says) is going to be in want of a bit of bling, but nice idea, perhaps Kate's Mum instead?

Had tea with Laura and her business partner Michele today, lovely ladies, and the shop looks fab.  The end cabinet is particularly attractive!  Both they and I were very taken with the purple freshwater pearls, they are simply delicious.  Jackie you'd love them.

All for now, more as we progess :)

Friday, 5 November 2010

now selling at Brides of Winchester

They have only been open for five days and yet they have done me proud already.  ok it's only one pearl cuff bracelet, but that's not the point.  I think that the jewellery speaks for itself and the only way to really view such items is in person.

the bracelet comprises hot pink freshwater pearls with a single diamante disco ball in the centre.  Simple and yet stunning.

Here's to many more.