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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum....

well ok, I've not been to any forums for some centuries, but I was on the stall on Saturday just gone (27/11).  The day was cold, but the lights on my tables cheered the place up and attracted a lot of 'looker's.  No, no not the variety of the hunky masculine kind sadly, but people browsing.  Once again there wasn't much doing in the purchasing department, and, it turns out, I was not alone.  H on the next stall was experiencing similar problems, nobody was purchasing a thing.  Strange given that it's only four weeks before the big day! H was called away to serve and excitedly placed two bracelets into little bags for two young ladies.  They left; we continued our chat.  Sometime later H came back to me 'to add insult to injury' she said, 'those girls brought the bracelets back and asked for their money to be returned as they had no money for the train home,'  Aghast I looked at her, we both sank into an almost hysterical laughter,  well what can you do in the face of adversity but laugh at it. 

I know how she felt, I thought I was going to lose two sales because my chip and pin machine decided to go to sleep and I couldn't rouse it.  Fortunately the customers paid cash, and all was well, but it was a sticky moment all right.  The shame was that the beautiful Crystal wrapped pendant is now on its way to America.  Who knows?  fame at last?

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  1. Ah, chin up! Your time will come, just hang on in there.... well maybe not 'there' as in the Hart Centre, but the metaphorical 'there'!