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Thursday, 26 August 2010

so here is a question...

If you had money,... which I know most of us don't but just supposing, would you be prepared to spend £20 per head to go to a specific venue in London, with your girlfriends.  The idea is that the venue houses businesses such as myself, or Britvic, or Bacardi Breezer or other fashion and cosmetic stalls.  Music plays all evening, and free drinks are available.  you can browse the stalls or buy to your heart's content.

I would really appreciate your thoughts.


  1. Don't know really. It would depend on where the venue was, how easy (or difficult) it was to get to, if I had someone to go with, what stalls were going to be there..... but I think it's a great concept and free drinks is a definite attraction!

  2. mm it's London, literally just by Waterloo station, designers such as myself, Dove free samples, Nivea, Faith and Fred,, Bacardi, Britvit, free cocktails, music etc.

    have a look at