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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Another shop closes in the High Street

Sadly, I have to report that the Bead Box in Knaphill has had to close it's doors for the last time today.  I knew they were working on a two day week, and thought I would just mosey over there to have a mooch.  In my pocket I had a very small budget of £20 for some goodies, but as it happened they had a 50% off sale on... and a lot of sad people talking to Blair, the owner.  He was telling me that there just is not the footfall nowadays  to warrant keeping the shop open.   He partly blamed the internet, but also, should we not consider our own behaviour when it comes to shopping?

More and more shops are closing on our high streets, and frankly I'm with Mary Portas here, I don't want to see ghost towns with myriad empty shops.  I want to be able to see and feel the quality of what I'm being offered.  Sadly it seems that we are so lazy that we'd rather risk purchasing items from the internet than make the effort to mosey into town and support local businesses.  I think, as Portas says, we will regret this, maybe not now, but in the future we will certainly miss them.

Please whatever you do, make the effort to support local business, it's really important that we don't lose the identity of our towns, and also that we support each other in business.  Do we really want to deal with faceless individuals who trade with us on the internet, people we can't talk to, and much less complain when things are not right?

I don't think we do, not really. 

Happy Shopping

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