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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

a dalliance with fascinators

Hallo All

it's been a while since I was on here, this is largely due to working at a local mental health hospital.  Ha! no not what you think, I am doing them a favour and training the staff on a new computerised patient notes system.  Odd? well no not really, this is the kind of thing I have done for many many years, in my previous life.  I have been a lecturer at a local college, and also ran an IT HelpDesk for Going Places for about 11 years.

I tested new systems and logged all the problems then when the time came, I contributed to all the documentation, and where necessary trained it on to the staff.  So actually it makes a lot of sense.   It's been interesting these last few weeks, well since May really.  Organised is not a word I would put to this lot, but they seem to be getting to grips with it all now.

what has amazed me is just how many people have no idea how to use a computer.  No idea at all, incredible that in this day and age, there are still people who just don't own a pc, or a laptop.  They can't type, and have no idea how to navigate around a computer screen.  Funny how we imagine that everybody will have these facilities and skills, why should they really?  it's their choice not to.  The only problem is, of course, that they will find they'll now have to find those skills from somewhere.  Trouble is that the hospital won't train them.  hey ho, fun days.

Hope everyone is well.

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