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Thursday, 29 March 2012

The 'Dior' type necklace

Well, this is a picture of the 'hardest necklace I've ever been asked to do'.  as you can see it's really quite complicated.  The upshot of the request however, is ........ nothing!  not a thing, I've no idea if she's received it, likes it or anything else.  I'm loath to ask in a way in case she says she hates it, but I guess if she did she may well have come back and said so, I'd like to think so. 

The collar of the necklace is on a wire frame which has been hammered to strengthen the shape, at the back there are several chains which allow the necklace to be done up as tightly as possible to retain it's shape.  Each chain is finished with a sparkly Swarovski crystal and there are intermittent crystals on the chains at the front.  If any of you havea  moment I'd be delighted to receive your comments and thoughts.  Of course, I can't post more pics because... it's gone.  somewhere, who knows?  if you see someone near London wearing something like this one, then it could be the one that gave me so much grief, all for £45!  hey ho.

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