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Sunday, 13 May 2012

How to wear a bridal hair comb

Many ladies, when faced with a hair comb, will say 'it's beautiful, but they never stay in my hair,' this is very when placing a fairly heavy comb into soft, straight, silky hair; it won't stay in and before long the comb has slipped or fallen out and in danger of being lost or crumpled underfoot.   So what is the secret?

There really isn't any secret per se, these combs are not designed to sit in and hold straight hair.  These beautiful pieces are decorative for the most part, although they will add some further security to the hair.  They work best if the hair is in a bun or chignon, hair that has been backcombed to create something for the comb to grip onto.  Plenty of hairspray will create grip, but be careful don't apply the hairspray to the pearls or crystals of your comb as it will make them dull.  Placing the comb carefully in a 'nest' of hair will reduce the pull of gravity and keep it in place.  Most people say that 'dirty' hair is best as it provides more grip, but we all know that we cannot possibly walk down the aisle with day old hair, so add that hairspray, or even a mousse to hold it in place.  Combs such as 'Victoria' featured here are heavy, but work well with a veil.  Place the comb at the front of the veil on the top of the head for a simple, yet stylish look. 

Why not ask for 'Victoria' with a birdcage veil addition, which can be placed anywhere on the hairline.  This comb can also be made on a longer comb base (the one shown is 2.5 inches in width) if you prefer a larger version in front of your veil.

Whichever you choose, you will be assured of a sophisticated style with a hint of vintage and class, just remember that it won't sit properly on straight, silky hair.

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