Paris handmade Pearl and Crystal Earrings on Silver

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A new line in vintage jewellery?

I must confess that vintage jewellery is not really my bag. However, I am inclined to branch out to this style in order to gain further experience and continue to expand my repertoire.    I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

I am also very interested in the beautiful beads created by BeadsbyLaura, her lampwork is amazing and has to be viewed. 


  1. I'm never quite sure what qualifies as 'vintage' so looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    Hope your eye is better now.

  2. yes interesting isn't it. The term 'vintage' in jewellery is something of an anomaly. Often so called vintage jewellery is made up of modern components made to look 'vintage'. Also the term itself is not strictly accurate as vintage suggests something over a certain age; think veteran as well. one has vintage cars and veteran cars, essentially it's the same with jewellery. However, I think designers use a little 'artistic licence' in order to create their vintage pieces. Interesting huh. Filigree is used an awful lot in vintage styles, whereas the swirls we use would rather be termed as 'bohemian'.

  3. Clear. As. Mud.

    But thanks for trying, I'll wait for the pictures!

  4. hahah I know how you feel. I have just read something though that suggests that 'vintage' merely means using 'antiqued' findings, so antique gold, black and gun metal, and oxidised silver. Apparently the bright colours are more indicative of modern, clean lines and designs. I suppose if you think of vintage as old and dirty, then that's about spot on! :)