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Monday, 17 January 2011

Still thinking about the Vintage 'stuff'

Marvellous isn't it!  when you don't need vintage findings they're everywhere, as soon as you need them, they seem to disappear like the mist on Bodmin Moor in the mid morning of a sunny day!  (is that the writer coming out in me?) 

But what is vintage really?  Strictly speaking vintage should be old pieces of a certain age.  Much of today's 'vintage' jewellery is comprises modern design coupled with aged items sourced in junk shops or Granny's old jewellery box.  Nothing wrong with that in itself, but should we rethink the description?  After all there are quite definitive ages for Veteran and Vintage cars, and never the twain shall meet.

Whatever, it is an interesting journey, which is really pushing my imagination, and my reseach skills to the limit.  Thank goodness for university and the research skills I learnt there! 

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