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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Networking - Good idea, bad idea?

Today I 'networked'.  Networks 4 u meet on a regular basis in Fleet, and the idea is to swap information and business cards with a view to creating business for each other.  Does it work? 

Well, I certainly had some very interesting conversations, one of which was with a graphic designer.  He was extremely helpful with some great ideas about branding and presenting one's work to the public.  It's interesting how people really need to be fed with information, rather than being able to work it out for themselves.  his message was clear, branding, branding, branding. 

However, to join the 'club' is a costly exercise, but until one joins, one cannot evaluate the benefit of it.  The benefits only become clear after about a year. 

To be honest, contacts can be made by visiting websites, and shops and communicating with others anyway, so, whilst they were a lovely bunch of people, I have to say that I remain sceptical.  What's your experience, have any of you 'networked' and what did you find?  Did you join?

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