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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

probably the last blog for a few days at least

Yep,... for the next few days I could well be incognito.  It's back to hospital tomorrow, for another endoscopy, oh deep joy! and to see what they have found from the biopsies.  I'm always positive, so I don't think it's owt to worry about, but I'm definitely not looking forward to tomorrow's procedure.  Especially given that I have a cold and sore throat into the bargain.  They said I should still go in, oh well, it's up to them if they want my cold isn't it?

so, I'll report back in next week, and continue with beady and weddingy bloggy things.  have fun everyone whatever you're doing.

for now



  1. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow, Pauline. X

  2. thank you for your good wishes ladies, much appreciated. I'll post a proper blog in a few moments with some updates. :)