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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Here Come the Maids! - Don't forget the bridesmaids!

  Brides, do not forget your bridesmaids!  Bridesmaids are an important part of your day.  Whilst you, as the bride, wish to be the centre of attention, and rightly so, the bridesmaids want to be a part of your stratosphere.  They want to complement you and what better way to do this than provide them with their special jewellery.  This can also double as the bridesmaids' gifts, special items of handmade, unique jewellery to remind them of their fantastic day with their friends.

Brides of Winchester and Purple Princess Designs have collaborated in producing a unique range of simple, yet stunning jewellery which is not available elsewhere.  This includes a full 'made to measure' service, so you can be confident that all the jewellery fits each bridesmaid perfectly.  The range can even be adjusted in order to provide a totally unique piece for each lass or lady, making the whole service really very special.

Don't forget if your bridesmaids feel special then you will feel extra-special.  It will be a day for you all to cherish and remember each time their fabulous pieces are worn. 

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