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Friday, 18 March 2011

Well today certainly has been a 'Freaky Friday'

Bacon butties with hubby and the plumber, followed by a visit to an antiques house in Runfold with said plumber, I know, random isn't it.  First student at 1pm, he is normally a fairly quiet lad of 28... yes 28 years old.  However, today he was animated, I wonder if that has anything to do with his gym visit!  Went to Fleet on a couple of errands, upon arriving back home I was greeted by an old friend and his wife, who had come down from Gobowen.  I had completely forgotten they were coming, it was just fortunate that Mr G arrived about 10 minutes after they got here to let them in!  DOH! 

The second student of the day was simply hyper, I thought only girls could talk like that, but my goodness me he was on a roll.  I gave up trying to teach him how to write a decent essay, we merely discussed the merits of 'Of Mice and Men' instead!  Mind you it was good to turn him around from a dodgy answer to a good answer (I'm good you know!)

on the way home I received a message I've been waiting for for some three weeks.  All very bizarre indeed.

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