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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Autumnal hues

I was idly thinking the other day as I walked to the gym, isn't it funny how we are so driven by the seasons.  The browns and ambers of autumn manage to make their way into our choices of clothes, hair, even food.  Somehow it seems so wrong to wear something of a bright hue, such as orange, red, bright blue and yellow, when all around us we see muted tones, increasingly skeletal trees and dark grey skies.  Similarly, it seems wrong to even think about pastels far more associated with spring and early summer than deep, dark autumn. 

In a month or so we will be inclined to don blacks, deep blues, red and crimsons in line with winter; colours which I suppose, make us feel warm and cosy.  Glittery fabrics and diamane shine will feature heavily in clothes donned for the Christmas season.  Why is is it ok to wear glitter for xmas but not for any other time of year?  is this tradition long associated with the feasts and holidays of mediaeval times, reminding of the warmth of glittering fires and gold goblets filled with warming wines and ales? 

Possibly this is all true, but I think it's easy to forget that we are ourselves, creatures of nature.  Still we are governed by the movements of the planets, particularly of course, the moon and the sun.  As such we are also governed by the relentlessly changing seasons, and yet there is also something very reassuring about this constant cycle of nature.  Nature understands extremely well that death is necessary for new life to spring forth and emerge making the planet and ultimately, us, stronger.

Have a great autumn and look forward to the depth of winter knowing that new life, rebirth and spring are just around the corner. 

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